Content and brand is a promise of value, it’s a distinctive voice, it’ s a core message, it’s passion driven by purpose, it’s positive impact that creates an impression. 


A design is worthless if it doesn’t connect with your audience in a relevant way. Make it simple, create positive impact with words and images and you can move mountains.


SEO is about great content. Anything that adds value to a reader’s life gets results. If people believe they share values with what your are saying they will be loyal customers.

Incredible Features: We Prove Our Results To You

Ingenious Machines is loaded with usefulness for our customers. We prove our results with your own dashboard. You measure the exact results of our campaigns in terms of dollars. We don’t just promise results, we prove it in black and white.

Website Grader

Website Grader

We measure your website value in terms of dollars and sense. What is your site worth? More importantly, how much is your site worth after we have helped you? That is exactly what we track for you.
Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

It’s all about metrics. You are online. You need to know your numbers. The trick is to identify what social and media data is important to your success. Once you know, double down, and watch your success grow.
Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Ingenious advertising campaigns make it easy for your content web pages, blog, and posts to jump ahead and get results. We track your progress using varied metric platforms so you can verify the results.
Social Media Publishing

Social Media Publishing

Social networks promote content. If you are on the web today you by definition are a publisher. Ingenious Machines get you better results from social media which is critical for you to be effective with your SEO.
Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

We learn from our social media interactions. Social media tracking can be very time-consuming and expensive. Save huge amounts of time with your new Ingenious Machines dashboard.
Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Mobile usage is nearing 30% and growing. Mobile responsiveness is important. Your layout and content must respond properly to mobile devices. We build you a state-of-the-art mobile ready site.

Content Search Optimization

Success in marketing and organic search is only possible with optimized content. If you don’t have optimized content and a solid search strategy you will never be found. We make you easily findable.

Local Search & Content

Content marketing is the new SEO. Pulling significant traffic from the search engines on a limited budget is tough. A local search & content strategy can greatly increase your reach.

Keywords, Links & Design

The days of keyword density alone are gone. Thanks to Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, the like is the new link. We build you a platform that creates engagement building links, relevance and traffic.

Big Main Features, Plenty of Solid Details

  • Blogging

  • Landing Pages

  • Advertising Analytics

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Integration

  • Client Dashboard

  • Marketing Automation

  • Smart Content

  • A/B Testing

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Website Analysis

  • Structured Content

  • Load Time Analysis

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns

  • Relevant Engaging Content

  • Social Sharing Structure

  • Social Media Publishing

  • Strong SEO Base Built In

  • Social Media Analytic

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Local Search Optimization

  • Keywords & Links